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Code of Conduct for visiting Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center

Visitors rights and duties

First: Regulations Regarding Visiting Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center provides all required services to enable its esteemed congregant and visitors to access the mosque’s premises, visit all exhibitions held by the Center, and attend events and activities it organizes. The Center shall not bear any liability; of any harm that may happen to the congregant and visitors, or any harm congregant and visitors endure during their presence at the Mosque, or during the use of any of its facilities of convenience or establishments provided.

The Center eserves the right, while upholding its penal and civil liability, to deny or exclude anyone from having access or being present at the mosque or to have access to its premises or be present at any of them; as a result of causing disturbance to others, or due to misconduct, or causing harm to (individuals, or any of the Center assets) or found to be in breach of any duties as set in the present document and as perceived and judged to be appropriate by the Center management on the matter and for a period it sees fit unless a written apology is being put forward and accepted by the Center management in which he/she pledges not to repeat the offence in the future.

Second: Visitors’ Rights And Obligations

  1. Visitors are entitled to a high-quality cultural tour which shall enrich their knowledge about the mosque subject to availability of Cultural Tour Guides
  2. Visitors are entitled to know about the services available and how to take advantage of these services
  3. Visitors may want to inform Visitors’ Services’ team about any special requirement not cited in the official literature
  4. Visitors are entitled a quality service from the Visitor Services
  5. Visitors are entitled to have access to the Centre’s rules and regulations
  6. Visitors are entitled to benefit from the services in an atmosphere of respect between all cultures
  7. Visitors are entitled to high standards of safety and comfort during their visit to the Mosque or any of its facilities
  8. Special needs and elderly visitors are entitled to high standard services
  9. The Centre is committed to resolving any matter related to visitors’ safety or the services provided to them

Visitors are required to uphold the sanctity of the Mosque, as a place of worship, and adhere to the Center’s operative regulations, including adherence to the following terms.

  1. Adherence to all the Center’s rules and regulations, as well as adherence to all guidelines given by its staff.
  2. Dress in an appropriate and modest manner, such as long clothing’s with long sleeves, and covering the head (for women), refrain from wearing transparent, tight, or torn clothes, in accordance with the Center’s dress code.
  3. Carrying inflammables, fireworks, electronic cigarettes, lighters, sharp items, weapons, whistles, laser beams and loud speakers are strictly prohibited
  4. Bringing dolls and animals inside the Mosque regardless of their nature
  5. Carrying and use of masks, flags, slogans and all kind of symbols are prohibited
  6. Expressing intimacy with all its forms is not allowed
  7. Consider the privacy of other congregant / Visitors, maintain the sense of serenity, and keep calm while at the mosque: (reduce voices, and set mobile phones on silent mode).
  8. Excluding water, (food, beverages, and smoking) are prohibited, in addition to sleeping and laying in the mosque, or any other behaviour which does not comply with the sanctity of the place.
  9. Caution and proper precaution shall be taken while exploring the mosque and its facilities, ex: (baring into mind that the floors are paved with exquisite kinds of marble, and other similar precautions.
  10. Preserve the Mosque’s property and facilities as any damage of any sort will require compensations.
  11. Look after your personal possessions and belongings as the Center shall not not bear any liability of any lost or damaged items.
  12. Consider the sanctity of the mosque while carrying out any form of photography, avoid lounging, or behaving in an improper manner during your visit or while taking photos in the designated areas for photography.
  13. Visitors adhere to taking photographs only in the specially designated areas for photography.
  14. Return all borrowed items, including but not limited (garments, audio and e-guide, copies of Quran…. etc.), and adhere to using them in a proper manner in accordance with the guidelines, as well as maintain and return them according to the rules in place. Visitors shall be charged for any damaged borrowed items regardless of the cause of damage.
  15. Visitors are fully responsible for their children, or individuals with special needs accompanying them.
  16. Any rituals or behaviour which is not compatible with the sanctity or statues of the mosque shall not be tolerated.
  17. All forms of photography for commercial and media purposes are prohibited, so is the use professional photography equipment, unless the Center’s prior consent is granted. Taking photos for personal use using non-professional equipment is permitted.
  18. Avoid any posture or behaviour which does not adhere to the sanctity of the Mosque while taking photos such as taking a sitting position, lounging and similar inappropriate postures.
  19. Overnight stay of vehicles or parking at any of the mosque’s facilities is prohibited, between 11:00 pm and 4:00 am.

Third: Lost And Found Policy At Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center

  1. The Center does not bear any responsibility towards securing personal possessions and belongings.
  2. Those who find lost items are invited to hand them over to the Information Desk. The Center does not bear any liability towards any damage or misplacement of the found items.
  3. In the event of finding any personal belongings (ID, Passport,.etc.), which are not claimed by its owners, shall be submitted to the local police by the Center within 24 hours.
  4. The Center stores all lost items, for a maximum period of three (3) months, and at the of which they are handed over to the local police, to take all required actions, in accordance with procedures in this regard.
  5. Owners of any of the found items, who requests the Center to send it to him/her, shall bear all liability and delivery charges

Fourth: Guidelines For Tourist Group Visits And Those Who Fall Under This Category

  1. All tourist groups, or special visits must complete all booking procedures prior to their visit. In the event of cancelation, kindly notify the visitor services team in order to be able to accommodate other groups.
  2. All tourist operators and those accompanying special visitors shall provide the visitors with adequate attire. All attires must be modest in compliance with the Center’s dress code as noncompliance shall result in denial of entry.
  3. Tourist operators and those who fall under this category shall adhere to allocating at least one person to accompany their visitors on their behalf, and shall be accountable for their conduct, and any damage they cause.
  4. Tourist operators, and those who fall under this category shall adhere to all of the Center’s rules and regulations, and in the event of any of these rules and regulations being violated, the Center reserves the right to deny access the mosque, or any of its facilities, or even seek all necessary legal procedure against them.
  5. The Center’s administration may cancel any visits, at any time, without prior notice.

Fifth: General Guidelines

  1. In the event of any of the Center’s rules and regulations, or any guidelines issued by it, being violated, the Center reserves the right to deny those who committed the violation access to the mosque’s or any of its facilities, or seek any legal procedure against them.
  2. The Center shall not be liable for any harm that may be caused to those present at the mosque or any of its facilities.
  3. The named persons in contract with the Center, shall commit to ensuring themselves against any potential damage that may result from executing its commitments as per contract, whether it was caused by any of its workers, tools, equipment, or anything else, and shall be solely responsible for the damages.
  4. Except for authorized aircrafts, it is strictly prohibited to fly aircrafts or flying objects that fall within this category, over the mosque or any of its facilities.
  5. The Center reserves the right to monitor and carry out surveillance operations of its premises.
  6. The visitor can complain or give suggestions, by placing them into the suggestion box, or by filling out forms available, for such purposes, on Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center’s official website. All complaints and suggestions will be replied to if possible.
  7. Those with complaints, or who have endured harm shall first resort to settling the issue in an amicable manner with Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center.
  8. Adhere to prior booking for the Mosque’s visits. Visits will not be confirmed without prior booking
  9. Please cooperate with the Centre’s staff and the security personnel.
  I have read, understand, and agree to the visiting guidelines and Mosque manners.

I hereby acknowledge that I do not have (Covid-19), nor do I suffer from any other chronic conditions.